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Women Leaders Program

For already a decade, Finland Chamber of Commerce is committed to actively promote women’s access to top positions. Promoting women executives through self-regulation is a strategic goal of FCC and we have created our Women Leaders Program to promote that goal. We find it clear that women executives can be promoted more efficiently through the active measures taken by the business sector than by legislated quotas.

The Women Leaders Program of Finland Chamber of Commerce shows that the business sector can take the lead in promoting women business leaders and thus securing a more flexible regulatory environment for businesses when quotas are not legislated.

A record number of women directors in Finnish listed companies

The number of women on boards of Finnish listed companies reached record numbers during the AGM season of 2016. Large listed companies have now 32 per cent women on boards, the highest score ever in Finland. Also the representation of women as CEOs of the listed companies reached record level: there are now five female […]

Promoting women business leaders in Saudi Arabia

In western countries, the image of Saudi Arabia is relatively one-sided, even though the country offers plenty of interesting business opportunities. Now the country is facing massive changes, and women are increasingly integrating into the workforce. In April 2014 Saudi Arabia published its Saudi Vision 2030, which aims to modernize the country’s economy and to increase […]

Behind Women Leaders Programme